Personal Injury Solutions

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Personal Injury Solutions

Did You Know…..
Nearly half of all Americans will get into
an auto accident, and suffer from an injury.
We understand that each person who walks through our door
needs a specific plan that identifies the problem and meets the
needs that are unique to your situation.

If you are diagnosed with Whiplash as an example,we have a
number of different treatments that may require a different
approach and also may require a specific plan with goals to get to

A well trained personal injury doctor, like Dr Bingham has
assisted many patients and he understands that a reimbursement
from your car insurance company is the first step in the road to
health recovery. This road to recovery is important because a
more healthier you means that you have a better chance after the
care is complete of getting an accident settlement that is higher,
getting your bills paid sooner and getting a higher
accident settlement. At Utah Valley Chiropractic. Dr Bingham is a
doctor who will guide you back to a full rewarding life and guide
you back to healthier life …

Here Are Personal Injury Solutions You Can Benefit From

Our staff is dedicated to helping you with an injury evaluation,
a detailed diagnosis, setting up a plan for recovery.
We will also help you with the recovery process in
your insurance claim. Accidents requiring physical therapy
and associated personal injury, neck pain or back
pain, Interferential Stimulation, massage or other specific
treatment methods care are provided by a certified & experienced
personal injury doctor; a licensed Utah Valley Chiropractor.
Dr Bingham is a trained in assisting in spinal bio
mechanics, and posture correction, these are areas that can be of
great concern if attention is not given soon after an injury.
Dr Bingham who is an injury recovery specialist as well as
a doctor who specializes in personal injury;
know that he will give you a great deal of attention.
He is dedicated to helping you avoid
long term effects of an injury. Dr Bingham has attended many
seminars and training classes in the decade that has been helping
his patients. Unlike most Doctors at Utah Valley Chiropractic we
are always implementing new treatments that work.

See What Personal Injury Solutions Are Available