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Calmare Pain Treatment

Utah has a number of drug-free pain relief wellness centers that utilize Calmare. Having  a Utah Pain Treatment Center located conveniently throughout the state is probably one of the best kept secrets. If you have not seen the success stories on the local news stations you might have your doubts until you had your first treatment in Utah. In the event that you have not had a chance to see one of the many stories on the local news station you can see how one of our Calmare Patients from Utah found Pain Relief.

Calmare Pain Treatment Information

Patients in Utah with chronic pain who respond best to Calmare are those who have been diagnosed with chronic neuropathic pain. In addition, Utah Calmare patients who have neuropathic pain that is localized, or limited to one or two areas of their body can respond better than patients where the pain is widespread. The electrodes are placed on healthy nerve tissue that surrounds the area of pain. If the pain is widespread, then it’s often harder to find skin areas where we can place the electrodes. With Calmare Utah Pain Treatment Centers our goal is not to block or inhibit the pain. Our goal is to help change the brain’s perception of what’s happening in the periphery by introducing non-pain stimuli. Through Calmare treatments we are able to identify healthy nerve tissue;  because when the nerve pathways is suppressed, then it’s more difficult for the non-pain message to get to the central nervous system and to the brain as well.

Addressing any questions that address the “success score” of Calmare is tough. Exactly how do we gauge success? If in some way we alleviate  pain from what was intolerable to something that’s tolerable, we can consider that success. If a calmare patient is pain free for a day, a week, a month, then for them the treatment is a success. Most patients that come in get enough reduction in pain during their initial set of treatments  to continue with the recommended treatment protocol.

We have a whole page dedicated to what our patients are saying and what other Calmare patients have experienced. Results vary from patient to patient but normally we find that our patients express themselves like this:

“Calmare Therapy has changed my life! Before the treatments, my pain was unmanageable. While I am actually connected to the machine, I have absolutely NO pain. After the treatment ends, I have experienced up to 24 hours pain free. Beyond that, I usually stay at a pain level of 3-4 for periods of  about 4-5 weeks. .I make sure to get plenty of rest, soak my RSD arm in hot water with Epsom salts, and get Calmare boosters if needed. I do not take any medications for pain. This all allows me to have a relatively normal life, depending on the weather patterns and the amount of stress in my personal life of course.”

Utah Valley Chiropractic is a proud to provide Calmare Pain Treatments.

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